Meat suppliers have determined the price of meat in a bid to maintain uniformity.

According to meat entrepreneurs, the price of meat has been determined for the sake of uniformity rather than charging arbitrarily taking advantage of the festivals.

The price of mutton with tripe is Rs 1,000 per kilogram, that with fat is Rs 1,200 per kilogram and with brisket meat (as per the customer's order) is Rs 1,300 per kilogram, the National Meat Entrepreneurs Association said.

Similarly, the price of chicken has been fixed at Rs 300 per kilogram and that of buffalo and pork at Rs 500 per kilogram respectively. The decision shall be effective from Fulpati which falls on October 12. This price will be in effect throughout the country, including Kathmandu valley.

Association President Ramesh Khadgi said separate prices had been fixed for meat of castrated and uncastrated goat. "The Association has directed all meat shops to display the price list for implementation of the decision related to price. We will take action against any meat supplier if they are found to be overcharging customers," Khadgi said. According to him, there is less consumption of chicken and pork during Dashain festival compared to other times.

"Although the price of chicken and pork might fluctuate, the price of he-goat and he-buffalo meat may vary as per the decision of meat suppliers during the Dashain period.

On September 22, the Department of Commerce, Supplies and Protection of Consumer Interest had directed meat outlets to pay attention to the quality, price and hygiene of the meat. Meanwhile, the price of chyangra (mountain goat) is likely to increase two-fold this year as it has not been supplied from China.

A version of this article appears in the print on October 8, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.