Memo seeks restoration of Prithvi Narayan Shah’s statue

Pokhara, October 11

Various organisations today submitted a memorandum to authorities concerned, demanding restoration of Prithvi Narayan Shah’s statue at Prithvichowk in Pokhara.

Bishwo Hindu Mahasangh, Nepal Thakuri Sangam Pariyar, Bishwokarma Samaj and Bramhan Samaj Kaski submitted the memo to Pokhara Lekhnath Mayor Man Bahadur GC and Assistant Chief District Officer Gurudutta Dhakal demanding restoration of the statue at the site.

Magar Sangh had built a statue of Martyr Lakhan Thapa after Prithvi Narayan Shah’s statue was vandalised during the people’s movement in 2006.

Pokhara-Lekhnath Metropolitan City demolished the statue owing narrow road which caused difficulty in traffic management on September 26. However, District Administration Office, Kaski, and the metropolis had agreed to rebuild Lakhan Thapa’s statue on September 27 due to a huge pressure from Magar community.

In the memo it is said that if any monument was to be built there, it should be of Prithvi Narayan Shah as his statue stood there for a long period of time. “Either there should not be any statue, if it is built it should be of Prithvi Narayan Shah,” reads the memo.