Mentally unsound teenager chained in shed for nine years

Dolakha, November 3

A 13-year-old Subba Tamang with mental illness from Sailungeswor of Sailung Rural Municipality-8 has been chained in goat shed by his parents for the past nine years in Dolakha.

Tamang was chained and tied by ropes in the goat shed by his parents since the age of four.

Born in 2006 as the eldest son, Tamang had fallen ill all of sudden in 2010. Since then, he has been chained in the goat shed made of zinc sheets, said mother Shantimaya Tamang.

“We took him to many shamans and hospitals. As he did not recover, we tied him in the shed,” Shantimaya stated.

Subba cannot even ask his parents to unchain him to answer the nature’s call. When he is released, he walks away and does not return home, according to mother Shantimaya.

She bemoaned that if they freed Subba he might fall from the cliff nearby their house.

She said that they had done everything possible to heal their son of his problem. “We took loan from many people for his treatment, but to no avail,” she complained.

Tamang family lacks permanent source of income. Subba’s father works as daily wage labourer and hardly earns enough to feed his family. They only have a small plot of land for cultivation.

Shantimaya today appealed for help for her son’s treatment.