Middle Marsyangdi Hydropower Station to halt operation for 10 days for maintenance

LAMJUNG: The Middle Marsyangdi Hydropower Station with an installed capacity of 70 megawatts will halt its operation for at least 10 days for repair and maintenance.

According to the Middle Marsyangdi Hydropower Chief Executive Officer Pashupati Gautam repair works will be carried out at a structure built to prevent erosion at left side of the dam of the project.

Meanwhile, Kul Man Ghising, Executive Director of the Nepal Electricity Authority said "Despite closure of Middle Marsyangdi for few days, the power outage hours will not be affected."

CEO Gautam said repair work will be conducted 24 hours in three shifts starting from Thursday. "The electricity generation will be affected for at least 7-10 days" Gautam shared.

He added the repair work was done to prevent further damage at the left side of the dam which was partially eroded by the flow of water.