Migrant workers of far-west start returning home

Dhangadi, September 30

With the beginning of the festive season, movement of migrant workers at the border points in Kailali and Kanchanpur has increased.

Many migrant workers, who work in various cities of India, have started returning home to celebrate Dashain and Tihar.

Superintendent of Police  at Kailali District Police Office Sudip Giri said that thousands of Nepali workers entered the country from Trinagar border point in Dhangadi, Kailali; and Gadda Chauki border point in Kanchanpur.

A joint public help desk of Nepali and Indian security personnel has been set up at the entry points, but migrant workers are still facing harassment at the border points and the customs office.

Many migrant workers, like in previous years, have complained that Indian security personnel and customs officials had extorted them. Similarly, incidents of loot and fraud have increased at the border points.

According to police, two migrant workers of Kailali, who were returning home from Chennai, India, were looted at the border.

Police said that Ganesh Damai, 34, and Gopal Bohora, 34, of Godawari Municipality were looted. The looters had taken away 10,000 Indian currency and mobile phones from the duo.

Similarly, Kul Darjee of Phukot Rural Municipality, Kalikot, was also looted in Mahendranagar Bazaar on Thursday. He was also returning home from India to celebrate the festivals. A group of looters had taken away 40,000 Indian currency from Darjee, said police.