With the rapid increase in reported cases of coronavirus infection and the implementation of lockdown in various parts of India in recent days, Nepali migrant workers have started to return in large numbers in Sudur Paschim Province.

Over 1,000 people are entering the country on a daily basis via the Gauriphanta border point in Kailali and Gaddachauki border point in Kanchanpur -- two major Nepal-India entry points in Sudur Paschim.

As some of the returnees have been found to have tested positive for Covid-19, the possibility of the second wave of Covid-19 spreading in the communities of Sudur Paschim has triggered fear in the province.

Last year, with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, a similar scenario of Nepali migrant workers returning home en mass had occurred but the mismanagement of the authorities in safely operating the quarantine/isolation facilities, proper record keeping of the returnees, catering to health needs, had led to a rise in the spread of the infection. An alarm has been raised due to the lack of proper inspection in the border points this time around as well.

After living in the country in lockdown for months, the Nepali migrant workers had started to move to various Indian cities in search for work. Now with the appearance of the new variant of coronavirus in India, the Nepali workers are rushing to return home in the fear of getting stuck in foreign lands.