Minister calls Madhesis to fight for rights

Rautahat, September 28:

Minister for Commerce and Supplies Rajendra Mahato has called on the people of Madhes to launch a decisive agitation to pressure the state to incorporate their concerns in the new constitution.

Addressing an assembly of Nepal Sadbhavana Party cadres in Gaur today, Mahato, who is also the NSP president, said, “Though demands of Madhesi people have been included in the common minimum programme, NSP activists should see to it that their concerns are incorporated in the constitution,” Mahato said. The minister said the Nepalis had given responsibility to the CPN-Maoist to safeguard their rights. “Efforts are on to run the government on the basis of consensus,” Mahato said, suggesting the Maoists not to roam around the parliament with weapons.

Mahato said integration of the People’s Liberation Army into the Nepali Army would pave the way for the integration of Madhes Rakshya Bahini into the national army. The number of Madhes Rakshya Bahini fighters would swell to 40,000 in two months, he said, directing party activists to expand the party’s organisational base.

General secretary of the NSP Anil Jha said his party would continue to fight for the rights of Madhes and Madhesi people.