Minister holds forth on acute energy crisis

POKHARA: Minister for Energy Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat today said the industrialists would be encouraged in generating hydroelectricity while some power would be purchased from India to tide over the ongoing power crisis in the country.

Speaking at a discussion programme organised by the Nepali Congress Kaski District Committee, he said political violence had been transferring from one party to another.

"Though it is the need of the hour to bring the Maoists, whose modus operandi is often violent rather than peaceful means, UML cadres are showing preference to politics of violence," he said. "Impunity, insecurity and social crime are on the rise in the country."

The minister urged all the parties to follow the rule of law, comprehensive peace accord and political consensus.

He said the forthcoming budget should address the deteriorating law and order, end impunity and solve day-to-day problems of the people.

Referring to the nine programmes presented in the government’s policies for the new fiscal, which begins with the alphabet 'sa' in the vernacular, he said such names should be removed.