Minister Gokul Baskota warns action against errant government employees

Kavre, December 28

Minister of Communications and Information Technology Gokul Prasad Baskota said that government employees not reporting to the assigned duty station would face action as per the law.

Addressing a programme organised to declare Mandandeupur Municipality open-defecation-free zone here today, Minister Baskota clarified that the government plan for the adjustment of civil servants was in line with the constitution and said, “As the adjustment is in keeping with the statutory provision, there is no point for the civil servants in making it an issue.”

“It’s out-and-out wrong and sheer negligence on the part of the civil servants living off the state facilities and refusing to go to the place he/she is deputed. Anyone who refuses to officiate from the place they’re deputed to  shall face action as per the law,” added the minster.

Further, describing the government as loyal to the country and the people, the minister asked the people not to be taken in by the rumours against the government. “The government is  committed to the development and prosperity of the country, and I urge all hereby to not doubt the government’s commitment,” he said.

“As the federal system is new to us, there are challenges as well as opportunities,” Baskota said.

The ‘Civil Servant Adjustment Ordinance-2075’ was presented in the meeting of the National Assembly on December 26.

The Ordinance was issued on December 9 for the adjustment of employees in federation, provinces and local-levels.