CM from Tharu community in Province 7

Dhangadi, January 23

Chances that a Chaudhary might become the first chief minister of Province 7 has elated people from the Tharu community in Kailali.

With the left alliance garnering clear majority in the provincial election, CPN-Maoist Centre’s Birman Chaudhary has been presented as the chief minister of the province.

The CPN-MC has 14 member, including 10 elected from the first-past-the-post and four from the proportional representation category at the Provincial Assembly in Province 7.

Central leaders of the Maoist Centre say that if the Maoists get the post of chief minister, Birman will be the unanimous candidate for CM. A Maoist politburo member said the party would not choose anybody else for CM when they had a capable Tharu leader to hold the post.

Almost all PA members of the UML agree with the idea of making a Tharu the chief minister. A PA member from the UML said that making a Tharu the chief minister would give justice to Kailali and Kanchanpur, which have a predominant Tharu population.