Ministerial berth for JMN leader soon

Kathmandu, July 18:

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala today promised to induct Janamorcha Nepal central leader Shashi Shrestha as Minister of State for Health and Population “in a day or two” following a meeting with Amik Sherchan.

Shrestha was not taken in the cabinet although she was tipped to be minister after an agreement among constituents of the alliance, when the incumbent dispensation was sworn in.

The fact that Shrestha will get ministerial berth became public following a meeting between Sherchan and Prime Minister Koirala, statement issued by Janamorcha Nepal Secretary Prahlad Budhathoki said. PM Koirala has also promised to convene an eight-party meeting after Sherchan reinforced the need for it, pointing out the expediency of debating a solution to outstanding issues, including those related to ethnic minorities, women, Dalits, disabled and other disadvantaged groups. Sherchan stressed the need on the part of PM Koirala to discuss probable faces to take up as heads of the constitutional bodies and committees, including ambassadors.

Sherchan also stressed the need to go to election to the constituent assembly with the slogan for a republican state if the parties cannot declare republic before elections, the statement further said.

Under the deal reached today, Dr Shekhar Koirala of the Nepali Congress will coordinate the eight-party meeting.