Ministries of Province 3 facing staff crunch

Hetauda, February 16

Staff crunch has hit the everyday business of ministries in Province 3. Though the Ministry of General Administration has transferred necessary staff for the province, most of them have yet to report to work.

Chief Minister of the province Dor Mani Poudel has formed a three-member cabinet in the province. “However, everyday business of the ministries has been hit hard due to lack of necessary staff,” said sources.

CPN-MC leader Salik Ram Jamarkattel and CPN-UML leader Keshav Sthapit have been sworn in as Minister for Internal Affairs and Law, and Minister for Physical Infrastructure Development respectively. The chief minister is yet to appoint 4 other ministers.

As per sources, there is a quota of 219 staff, including those to be deputed at the Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers. A total of 21 staffers are required for the CM’s office, 41 for internal affairs ministry, 18 for economic affairs, 24 for physical infrastructure development, 30 for social development, and 29 each for industry and land management ministries.

But there are currently only eight staffers at the Office of the Chief Minister, three at Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development, four at Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law, five each in Land Management, Agriculture and Co-operative ministries, among others.

Secretary Ramesh Shiwakoti at the Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers said “Lack of cooperation from staffers have made it difficult for us to run the regular business of the ministries.”

As per the law, transferred staffers have to report to their offices within 21 days of their transfer and attend the office within 90 days.