Ministry claims some progress

KATHMANDU: Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) today informed that they had distributed medicines and other medical requirements to almost all the VDCs in Jajarkot hit with pandemic outbreak of diahrroea.

"We are trying our level best to control the disease, although we cannot guarantee when we will be able to control the outbreak," said Dr Yashovardhan Pradhan, spokesperson of MoHP. He said that some progress could be seen after the supply of essential medical goods and mobilisation of around 200 doctors in the remote areas.

"There may be some problems with the management of supplies but we have not faced any problems regarding the delivery of supplies and medical staffs at the present," he added.

He informed that different local NGOs, civil society members, social activists and security personnel were involved in helping the medical teams dispatched in the area. Dr Vishwo Raj Khanal, acting director of Epidemiology and Disease Control Department (EDCD) under MoHP, said that they had recorded 106 deaths from the last three months till date. He informed that they had sent another group of 97 doctors and nurses on Monday in the affected areas.

Meanwhile, issuing a press release, Nepali Army PR directorate informed that 21 health workers of the NA had been dispatched in the affected areas of Jajarkot.