In a recent incident, an underage girl in Tikapur, Kailali, has confessed to killing a five-year-old boy related to her family over some issues between the two families.

It has been revealed that she had taken the silver bangle the boy was wearing in order to give the impression that the murder was committed for the bangle. "Once the murder was committed, she went to her friend, gave her the bangle for safekeeping and took a book from her, thinking that by doing so would give the impression that the murder was committed by some other person, not by her at least," said SP Bishwo Adhikari of Kailali, adding, "Police have also learnt about the attempts of the two girls to sell off the bangle in the market later."

At a press conference at Tikapur Area Police Office, today, police informed that they had arrested the two minor girls on the charge of murder.

Three days after he went missing, police recovered the body of the fiveyear-old boy of Tikapur Municipality from the Jamara River in Baghmara of Tikapur Municipality. Police haven't made public the names and photos of the girls, citing age concerns. SP Adhikari of District Police Office and province police chief DIG Purushottam Kandel have arrived in Tikapur to investigate the incident.

It is learnt that the girl who admitted to committing the murder is a sister in relation and she had taken the boy away from her home on the pretext of going out to eat berries.

A version of this article appears in the print on July 9 2021, of The Himalayan Times.