Minors injured in Jajarkot accident seek parents

Jajarkot, March 14

Four minors injured in a bus accident at Bohora Village of Jajarkot on March 9 are calling out to their parents from the hospital bed. As many as 27 persons had died while 36 others were injured in the tragic incident.

One-and-a half-year-old Keshav Tiruwa of a VDC who lost consciousness, was airlifted to Nepalgunj Medical College the same day.

Tiruwa regained consciousness on March 10. Ever since he regained consciousness, he has been weeping seeking his parents.

Tiruwa’s mother Lalsari Tiruwa was killed in the bus plunge. His father Tule was critically injured and is undergoing treatment at Western Hospital, Nepalgunj.

One-year-old Nishasan Sunar of Bheri Municipality, who is being treated at the hospital is searching for his parents from the hospital bed. Nishasan’s mother Shanta died in the bus accident. His father Mansune Sunar has been employed in Qatar for the past one year. He arrived home yesterday.

Another injured Dinesh Luhar, 4, of Bheri Municipality, is undergoing treatment at Nepalgunj Medical College. He often weeps calling out to his mother. His mother Gopli died in the accident. His father has been in Malaysia for the past three years.

Similarly, critically injured Punam Sunar, 5, of Matel in Bheri Municipality, was taken to TU Teaching Hospital Maharajgunj, Kathmandu after he could not be treated at Nepalgunj Medical College. His father Gopal died in the bus accident.

Khim Bahadur Shahi said the state should take responsibility for treatment, upbringing, and education of injured children as they had become orphans.

According to District Child Welfare Committee Jajarkot, the kids do not have money for their treatment and food.