MJF cadres making plains unsafe for scribes: Report

Kathmandu, March 13:

Despite commitments by the leaders of the Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum (MJF), its cadres continue to threaten and misbehave with journalists in the Tarai region in the name of enforcing their indefinite strike, states a report made public by the Freedom Forum here today.

The report has urged all to respect the responsibility being soldered by the journalists to inform the people of what is happening in the country, also calling the authority to stop excesses, threats, harassments and beating of journalists and allow them to work in a terror-free environment. It has also urged the government to take serious steps to protect journalists.

“The security of the journalists working in these districts has become a serious concern; they have not been able to cover the incidents and they are being threatened by the organisers of strikes,” it says.

The organisers have threatened journalists not to write anything against them.