MMT chief makes himself public

RAJBIRAJ: Jagadish Adhikari (Raman Prasad Singh), central chairman of the armed Tarai outfit -- Madheshi Mukti Tigers-- appeared in public today after going underground for several years. With him four other central committee members of the outfit have become public so far.

There are 11 members in the central committee of the group. Earlier, a central committee member Bhola Mukhiya (Mangal Pande), Anil Jha and Biswakanta Pandit were invited for talks by the government.

Talking to the journalists after being made public, chairman Adhikari said that he wanted to establish peace in the country strengthening Tarai region, thus he decided to leave his past.

He added," Madhesi Mukti Tigers would lead the peaceful movement of Tarai that would equip the Madhesi people with their rights.'' Saying that the policy of one language and dress is impossible in the multicultural, multilingual and multi religious country he added," It is not wise to restructure the state on the basis of ethnic group.''

He said that he would not sit for another round of talks scheduled for Bhadra 21 if the government did not implement the previous deal -- release of his cadres, among others.

He also opined that the central government should have powers limited to issuing notes and taking care of foreign policy of Madhes, which he said should be 'independent' in the upcoming state restructiring mechanism.

He also claimed that the government was planning to murder him.

Speaking on the same occasion, coordinator of peace talk team of the party, Bhola Prasad Mukhiya said, "Political culture has yet to develop in Tarai, thus, allegations are pouring in from Madhesi people that the leaders are for personal gains, which is not true though."