Model settlement being constructed in Nepalgunj

Nepalgunj, February 23

Construction of a multi-million rupees housing project has started in Nepalgunj recently.

Water Park Land Integration Project worth Rs 700 million will have a model settlement as its mainstay. Nepalgunj Town Development Committee is developing the project that was mentioned in the Nepal Gazette eight years ago.

The project is spread in 65 bigaha land in Nepalgunj sub-metropolis-1 and 18. “The project will have two entry gates and their construction has been completed,” he said, adding while the access road into the project will be 21-metre wide, there will be other inner roads of varying width.

While the park will have a plaza at the centre, it will also have a children’s park and a picnic spot. As for the water park, an existing pond will be appropriated. The Miinistry of Urban Development has allocated Rs 60 million for the renovation of the pond. The renovation of the pond is expected to take two years. As a part of the beautification of the pond, railing, footpath, greenbelt, among other infrastructure, will be developed.

The project covers the land of 280 owners and has 700 plots. The landowners will, however, not get back the same area of land once the project is over. “Once the project completes, the settlement there will be the first model settlement in Nepalgunj,” said Nepalgunj Town Development Committee chair Gopal Pun, adding the settlement will boast almost all urban facilities, including sewage, road, drinking water, electricity, open field and community centre.