MoHA prepares blacklist of criminals to bring them under law: Minister Thapa

POKHARA: Minister for Home Affairs Ram Bahadur Thapa has said that the Home Ministry is preparing to expand its action against all smugglers, in light of the recent gold smuggling case.

Addressing a press meet organised by Press Centre, Kaski Chapter in Pokhara on Monday, Minister Thapa said that Home Ministry would be strict in dealing with drugs related crimes, various syndicates, black marketing, criminals and gangsters, claiming it is due to these criminal elements rampant in economic sector that development and prosperity of the country have been delayed.

He further said that the government would be active in breaking the smuggling net spread throughout the country. Unrestrained smuggling in the nation had resulted in money being collected by a select group while the common people are suffering, Minister Thapa said.

He claimed that Home Ministry has prepared a blacklist of gangsters. The government would give one chance to those who are willing to bring about a change in their way of life, otherwise would take strict actions against them.

Now that the country is politically stable, it will move towards development, peace, prosperity and good governance which the country and its people are desirous of, Thapa said.

The government would move forward to eliminate domestic violence as well as illegal drug-dealing, smuggling, black-marketing, and control alcohol consumption and possession of small weapons to make the nation safe and prosper, Minister Thapa said while claiming that he stressed on the same issues at a security meeting conducted in Pokhara on Sunday.

He further claimed that Home Ministry has issued a directive to the security chiefs to be aware of increasing religious conflicts in the nation, mentioning a case of murder of a religious leader in the eastern part of Nepal.

On a different note, Thapa said Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Nepal visit has deepened the relationship between the two nations and that Nepal is willing to strengthen its ties with China.