Court records statement of 'Gorey'; main accused runner of 33kg gold smuggling racket, related murder

MORANG: District Court Morang today has started camera recording statement of Chudamani Upreti aka Gorey, who had been absconding since the murder of Sanam Shakya on March 2, an alleged carrier of smuggled gold, and the disappearance of 33kg gold came to light.

A closed bench of Justice Narayan Prasad Sharma at the District Court, not open for public, has been recording the statement of Gorey.

Gorey, on Tuesday, amid a press conference, admitted to smuggling gold in collusion with police officials, customs officials and ground handlers at TIA, but claimed that he was only an agent of the racket.

The special probe committee headed by Ishwar Raj Paudel, a joint secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs said that Gorey and his associates, in cahoots with jewellers, police and customs officials, had managed to smuggle around 3,800kg gold with market value of over Rs 17 billion from Dubai through Tribhuvan International Airport in 421 trips since 2015.

Gorey was handed over to District Police Office, Morang, later for court proceedings.

On May 3, the probe committee had filed a charge-sheet at Morang District Court against 63 suspects for kidnapping, hostage taking and murder and under the Prevention of Organised Crimes Act. Gorey is among 32 absconding suspects facing charges.

A source at the District court said that It would take some days to complete the recording of statement from Gorey.