MORANG: Villages around Bakraha rivulet at Madhumalla of Morang district continue to face high risk of flood this year as well with lack of strong embankment. Locals have been bearing the loss of lives and properties ever since dam burst out in the Bakraha rivulet and into the human settlement. The Bakraha stream gushed into the houses in Beteni of Madhumalla-5 on Saturday. At least seven houses were inundated when the incessant rain triggered flood in the rivulet burst out the dam and stormed into the village today. The flood has waterlogged the houses of Dhan Bahadur Magar, Rabin Darji, Ranbir Darji, Yagya Darji, Prem Gole, Man bahadur Gole and Nandi Gole of the village.