More males seeking divorce

Jajarkot, October 1

Maximum number of males have reached the district court to register divorce applications in Jajarkot.

More males have registered divorce applications in the district court in comparison to females. The number of males seeking divorce increased after the national code was amended to make it easy for males to file applications for divorce.

Kush Bahadur Singh, 32, of Kuse Rural Municipality, had applied for divorce on September 10. Singh filed the application saying his wife Devi Kumari Singh had tortured him physically and mentally, did not look after the children and did not prepare food for children.  The court gave its verdict in Kush Bahadur’s favour.

As many as 36 males have filed application in the court after the new code came into effect.

A non-gazetted officer in the court Sarparaj Khatri said that one case was settled while discussion was underway on some applications. He informed that investigation of 11 cases was under way. Khatri said more women used to file application for divorce earlier. “More males reach the court for divorce now as the new code has been implemented,” he added. He said that applications submitted by the female were decided faster while males have to wait at least one year for decision. “We started the process of reconciling the couples as per the male application,” he added. Khatri said the decision would be given to the couple within a year if they wanted to be separated.

As many as 20 females had registered divorce applications in the district court till September. The court said decision was given on nine cases while proofs were being collected for the remaining cases. As many as 68 divorce cases were filed in the last fiscal.