More students opting for technical education

Khotang, November 16

The number of students joining technical and vocational courses in Khotang is on the rise of late due to better employment prospects after completing technical courses.

Currently, Mahuregadhi Model Polytechnic School established in Diktel Rupakot Majhuwagadi Municipality-13 in the district has enrolled students for a three-year diploma course in forestry.

Likewise, Saraswati Secondary School in the same municipality has also commenced junior technical assistance classes on crop science by taking approval from the Council of Technical Education and Vocational Training.

A total of 40 students have been admitted to the 18-month junior technical assistant course though 66 students had applied for the course.

Similarly, Jyoti Secondary School of the municipality is also planning to begin 18-month course on animal science from this year.

Officials said students were mostly attracted to civil engineering, forestry, agriculture junior technical assistance, livestock junior technical assistance, micro enterprise facilitator, beautician and other technical courses in Khotang district.

Headmaster of Pancha Secondary School Diktel Bhabakrishna Dhakal said craze for technical courses increased as general education produced just unemployed human resources while technical education increased employment prospects of the students. “Our current education system has failed produce skilled human resources. So, need for the technical education was felt to produce skilled human resources promoting self-employment,” he argued. He added that students of technical education easily got employment.