BIRGUNJ: More than a dozen vehicles, which were more than 20-year-old, have been taken under control in Birgunj today.

The Parsa District Traffic Police took as many as twelve vehicles including eleven tempos and one jeep under control that were plying on road defying the new rule.

The government has executed a policy to ban public vehicles crossing 20 years of operation and authorities will seize any such vehicles found on the roads.

The vehicles have been kept in the premises of the Office in Parsa.

According to Inspector Suresh Kumar Sah, Chief at the Office, the owners of the vehicle can sell the vehicle to scrap dealers as per the laws but cannot run their on roads.

Tempos with number plates Na 1 Ha 332, Na 1 Ha 215, Na 1 Ha 842, Na 1 Ha 353, Na 1 Ha 1026, Na 1 Ha 1115, Na 1 Ha 621, Na 1 Ha 1058, Na 1 Ha 4350, and a Mahindra jeep (Na 1 Ja 3141) were impounded.

“If the owner of their respective vehicles do not claim and sell their vehicles in scrap, the Transport Management Office itself will do the job,” he said.

Around 400 Bikram tempos are being operated in Birgunj of Parsa district. Bikram tempos were being operated in Birgunj soon after their ban in Kathmandu Valley.

Despite the new policy, the drivers have been operating 20-year-old vehicles defying the government order to ban them.