More women visiting health camps in Bajura

Bajura, July 3

Thousands of women have benefited from free health camps organised by Bajura District Health Office in the current fiscal.

Family Planning Supervisor Surya Bista at DHO said health camps provided services such as free pregnancy test and free check-up for uterus prolapse. He said health camps were organised in Swamikartik Khapar, Jagannath, Himali and Khaptadchhededaha rural municipalities of Bajura.

As many as 208 women reported to health camps for pregnancy tests in Jagannath Rural Municipality and 206 women got their uterus checked at the camps. Bista said that 12 women were found to be suffering from uterus prolapse while two women were at high risk of uterus cancer. Similarly, as many as 150 women underwent pregnancy test and 171 reported to the camp for uterus related ailments in Swamikartik. According to the health office, as many as 10 women were found to be suffering form uterus prolapse at the camp.

Likewise, at a health camp in Himali Rural Municipality, 416 women’s pregnancy test was taken and 163 women were examined for uterus prolapse, of them six were found to be suffering from uterus problems . In Chhededaha Rural Municipality, 280 women got their pregnancy tested and 151 underwent check-ups for uterus related ailments. The health workers said that 17 women had problems related to uterus prolapse.

Bista said many women who were found suffering from uterus prolapse hid their disease fearing the stigma associated with the disease. He added that many of them could not receive treatment due to poor economic condition.

Meanwhile, Himali Rural Municipality Chair Kali Bahadur Shahi said women from far-flung areas had also visited the health camps.