MPs concerned about CA polls

Kathmandu, July 22:

Lawmakers today expressed their views on Constituent Assembly (CA) elections, deteriorating peace and security situation in the Tarai region, Army Welfare Fund, and employees promotion issues at a meeting of the parliament.

At the parliamentary meeting, they demanded peace and security in Tarai by mobilising eight parties mechanism and drew their attention towards the CA elections.

The lawmakers also demanded to publicise immediately missing Maoists leaders and cadres, constitute a State Re-Structure Commission and run the state as per the past agreements.

The lawmakers stressed action against those who attacked lawmaker Prabhu Shah, and sending a team of experts to control gastroenteritis in the far-western region.

The lawmakers also demanded the Rayamajhi commission report be made public and action against those indicted. Lawmakers expressed their strong objection towards the PM’s statement given in connection with the army welfare fund.

Lawmakers Amrita Thapa, Krishna Dev Singh Danubar and Khimlal Devkota of CPN (Maoist), Urba Datta Pant and Krishnalal Maharjan of CPN (UML), Risikesh Gautam of Nepali Congress (Democratic), and Asarfi Shan of Jana Morcha Nepal expressed their views.