MPs flay govt for not punishing suppressors

Kathmandu, May 10:

The Members of Parliament (MPs) today raised serious concerns over the government’s inability to punish those involved in suppressing the mass movement.

“The government has not taken any action against those responsible for suppressing the movement,” said MP Pradip Nepal of CPN-UML, while also questioning the rationale behind the deployment of security personnel to protect the residences of those in power during the King’s direct rule.

“If they need security, they should be kept in army barracks,” he said. Nepal also demanded the immediate dissolution of the Raj Parishad. He also called for the revival of the local bodies.

Janamorcha Nepal MP Hari Acharya, who demanded the removal of the photographs of the

royal couple form all ministries, criticised the government for failing to shipshape the cabinet.

“The army should be brought under the purview of the parliament. Or else, we would have been deceived yet again,” Acharya said.

MP Devendra Raj Kandel informed the Parliament that the Maoists had demanded Rs 1 lakh in

“donations” from him. “This kind of activity has to stop,” he said.

MP Ajay Chaurasiya asked the government to bring the RCCC officials to book, while MP Gokarna Bista raised serious concern over the absence of ministers from the House. “A government like this cannot be expected to understand the grievances of common people.”

Bista also demanded immediate action against those who attempted to thwart the mass movement. “They should be detained within 24 hours,” he said in the House of Representatives today.

MP Kamala Pant questioned the hike in price of daily commodities even after the formation of a new government.

“It is a matter of disgrace that not a single woman has been inducted in the cabinet,” Member of Parliament Sushila Nepal said while also demanding immediate revival of the local bodies.

Member of Parliament Tanka Kandel demanded the passports of those involved in suppressing the mass movement be seized and urged the Maoists to stop collecting donations.

Several lawmakers, including Pashupati SJB Rana, Hari Bhakta Adhikari, among others, asked why parliamentary sessions were being delayed everyday.

It is noteworthy that today’s session, which was scheduled to start at 11 am, kicked off only at 1:35 pm.

Sunsari mishap ‘shocking’

KATHMANDU: Home minister Krishna Sitaula informed the House of Representatives during Wednesday’s session that the government was looking into the death of 13 schoolchildren, who were killed in a mishap on Tuesday and also announced compensations for the victims’ families. “The government is deeply shocked at the unfortunate turn of events,” he said. —HNS