MPs in hordes table statute amendment proposals

Kathmandu, June 10:

Seeking amendment to the Interim Constitution (Second Amendment Bill), 13 groups of lawmakers registered their proposals.

Among other things, the lawmakers have proposed provisions governing the abolition of the monarchy, no-confidence motion against the Prime Minister and review of the report of the Election Commission Delimitation Commission (ECDC).

MP of the CPN-Maoist and Janamorcha United are for elimination of the provision that allows legislators to table no-confidence motion against the PM only once in a year.

Maoist MPs, including Rupa Chaudhari, Saraswoti Chaudhari and Indrajit Tharu, have also proposed that “monarchy should be abolished and the constituent assembly elections should be held by mid-December.”

They have also proposed that the monarchy should be abolished by two-thirds of parliamentarians if “the monarch or organisations and individuals associated with the monarchy” are “found to be conspiring against constituent assembly elections”.

Lawmakers Pari Thapa and Nawaraj Subedi of the Janamorcha United have called for the introduction of a provision that allows one-fourth of lawmakers to table a proposal at the parliament to abolish the monarchy if the king is “found to be conspiring against constituent assembly polls”. According to them, such a proposal can be passed by a “simple majority.” However, a lawmaker of the Janamorcha Nepal, Lila Mani Pokhrel, proposed, “One-fourth of lawmakers can table the proposal to abolish the monarchy, but the same should be passed by two-thirds of lawmakers.”

The lawmakers suggested that dates for constituent assembly elections should be announced only after a conducive environment for the elections is created. MP Romi Gauchan Thakali proposed to “rewrite” the provision on the monarchy for clarity. “Who will decide whether or not the king has conspired against the polls?”

However, 35 MPs of the CPN-UML have proposed that the parliament should have the authority to decide whether the king has conspired against CA polls.

The Janamorcha United and Nepal Workers’ and Peasants’ Party (NWPP) have also proposed amendments to Article 155, which requires parliamentary hearing for those nominated for appointment in constitutional positions as per the recommendation of Constitutional Council.

Sunil Prajapati of the NWPP proposed parliamentary hearing specifically for those being appointed as “ambassadors, vice-chancellors, chairpersons and general managers of corporations.”

NC, UML whips

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress and CPN-UML parliamentary parties on Sunday issued whips to its lawmakers asking them to be present in the next meeting of the parliament. The CPN-Maoist had issued a similar whip to its lawmakers on Saturday. — HNS