Kathmandu, January 25:

Members of the Legislative-Parliament today urged the government to immediately find ways to resolve the ongoing crisis in the Terai region or it would fail to hold the elections to the Constituent Assembly.

Speaking at the special hour in today’s session, the MPs called to address the movement by securing the rights of the suppressed Terai people.

“We must be alert of the possible infiltration of regressive forces in the present Terai turmoil or they will obstruct the CA polls,” said Nepali Congress MP Ram Chandra Paudel. He also called the government to address the demands of the Madhesi and Janajatis and said it was up to the people to determine if they wanted to go for a federal structure.

UML MP Jhalanath Khanal called the government to address the Terai movement by holding talks with them.

“The movement is the result of suppression to the Terai people by the state thus, the government should take initiatives to resolve the problem in a peaceful manner,” said Khanal. He also called the government to be aware with the infiltration of regressive forces into the movement.

Maoist MP Matrika Yadav claimed that the regressive royal forces and Indian Hindu fundamentalists had infiltrated in the movement.

He also called the SPA leaders to clearly speak about the problem.

Yadav claimed that the CA polls was not possible without resolving the Terai movement and said the Madhesi people have raised a genuine demand.

Nepali Congress-Democratic MP Bijaya Kumar Gachhadar said the Terai people are most democratic ones and said the allegation, that regressive forces have infiltrated in their movement, is baseless.

He said the SPA members themselves are launching the movement, and said it would not stop unless the state recognises the rights of the Terai people in the Interim Constitution.

MP of Rastriya Prajatantra Party, Pashupati SJB Rana sought information from the government about the Terai movement and the initiative taken by the government to address it.

Parliamentarians CP Mainali, Rajendra Mahato and Malla K Sundar also called the government to take appropriate measure to address the problem.