Murder convict arrested after 13 years of crime from Parbat

PARBAT: Police on Saturday said they arrested a murder convict after 13 years of crime from Urampokhara in Parbat district.

The arrestee has been identified as Lital Thapa of Bihadi Rural Municipality-5, police said.

Acting on a tip-off, police had arrested Thapa from his house on Thursday.

It has been learned that the murder convict was living under a fake identity as Man Singh Thapa.

Thapa, along with five others, had attacked Roshan Rana of Beulibas with a sharp weapon on May 18, 2003 following a dispute over a loss in a volleyball match.

The Parbat District Court on January 15, 2011 had slapped Thapa, Dil Pratap Sen, Laxman Sen, Ram Bahadur Pulami, Resham Bahadur Thapa and Dipu Sanu Thapa with a life sentence.