All must accept statute: Oli

Hetauda, September 14

Former prime minister and CPN-UML Chairperson K P Sharma Oli today said that there was no option to accepting the constitution despite the differences and dissatisfactions, as it had been endorsed by a large majority of the country’s population.

Speaking at the inaugural session of the second Thaha festival today, Oli said it was everyone’s responsibility to respect the statute as it was drafted and promulgated legitimately. Oli said that some of the forces that were against the notable projects launched by the government led by him were spreading baseless propaganda about his party.

“CPN-UML is the only party that is devoted to the prosperity and development of the nation and the people,” claimed Oli.

He accused anti-nationalist forces of foiling the proper implementation of the constitution. “The CPN-UML is all the time ready to combat forces that are active to prevent the country from moving towards prosperity,” said Oli.

He underscored the need to create an atmosphere of trust. “Now the time has come to explore all kinds of mines available in the country so that the country will not be affected by the next border blockade. Politics should give a clear direction to the people and the country,” he said.

He lauded the contribution of Rup Chandra Bista to the development of tourism and vowed to provide his support for the development of Thaha Municipality as he had close ties with it.