MVK chief boasts of outfit’s strength

Kathmandu, December 12:

A day after holding a dialogue with the government, Madhesi Virus Killers (MVK) chief Jay Prakash Yadav ‘Diwan’ claimed that he had an army of 1,000 people and 700 small and big weapons. It may be recalled that the MVK has demanded integration of its army into national army or any other security body.

Addressing a press conference here today, Yadav said they sat for a dialogue with government because they wanted to support the constitution writing process. “If the armed insurgency continues in the Tarai, it can derail the constitution writing process and the armed groups will have to take the blame for it,” Yadav said. He said his party would remain committed to ‘One Madhes, One Province,’ but was also ready to make it a battle of negotiation.

Yadav maintained that some of the armed groups had contacted him after the dialogue and expressed their willingness to come for a dialogue with the government. “They used to be scared that government may put them in jail in the pretext of dialogue, but now they are confident of their security,” Yadav said but declined to give the names of the armed groups that had contacted him after the dialogue. He appreciated the government for ‘honestly pursuing the policy of dialogue’ and said all the armed groups in favour of national integrity should come for a dialogue with the government. In response to a journalist’s query, Yadav said he would strengthen his party and take part in the electoral process, rather joining any other political outfit.

According to the four-point agreement reached between MVK and the government yesterday, both the parties will hold another round of dialogue at a convenient time. The government is said to be considering ways to address their 11-point demand.