KATHMANDU: A five-member sub-committee formed by the parliamentary business advisory committee held a meeting to look into an issue pertaining to cancellation of Matrika Yadav’s Constituent Assembly membership.

The parliamentary party office of the UCPN-Maoist had written to CA chairman Subas Chandra Nembang on July 30, saying that Yadav’s CA membership should be scrapped as he was no longer associated with the UCPN-Maoist and had formed a separate political outfit. The UCPN-M had stated that Yadav and another CA member Jagat Prasad Yadav had “violated the party discipline”.

Yadav was also present today before the meeting of the sub-committee, chaired by Nepali Congress CA member Pushpa Bhusal, to put forth his views regarding the letter written by the UCPN-Maoist. Yadav, who was also a minister during the Maoist-led coalition, has been constantly in the limelight due to his eccentric deeds.

During the meeting, Yadav objected to the entire process of launching an inquiry about his CA membership. “The sub-committee did not give me adequate time for my explanation. I cannot furnish my views right now without studying the charges labelled against me,” Yadav said. He sought 15-day time to furnish his clarification.

Yadav said he was a genuine CA member of the CPN-Maoist as he was elected to the post on a Maoist ticket. Out of the 35-member central committee of the then CPN-Maoist, 34 members deserted the CPN-Maoist and formed another political outfit, UCPN-Maoist, he claimed.

He said he had stopped attending the CA meeting since February 11 when Prachanda formed UCPN-Maoist. He has not collected his monthly salary and daily allowances from the CA since then.

“Morally, I’m not a CA member but still hold the post legally,” he said. But another CA member Jagat Prasad Yadav has been attending the CA meeting as a Maoist CA member. Bhusal said her panel may give Yadav time to furnish his reply.