Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This is the most heard and talked of among Newton's three laws of motion. The science teacher had explained it very interestingly in school. The other two laws were not that easy to remember.

Almost two decades after coming across this principle, I have been repeatedly encountering this law of Newton in the last few months. I mean I am able to understand the logic behind this principle, but differently from what my science teacher had described.

I notice that this principle fits well into my state of mental and emotional well-being. For instance, when I have no energy, I feel enervated for a continuous period of time similar to inertia of rest. The beginning of the enervated phase takes away my smile and ultimately lowers my self-confidence. I find everyone neglecting me for no fault of mine.

The low zone, although it stays with me for a long time, however, doesn't stay forever.

The end of the low zone marks the beginning of the energetic phase upon arrival of an intrinsic wake-up call. Once I get the call, I feel energetic, active and productive for some time, in alignment with the inertia of motion.

This phase is optimistic, overwhelmingly beautiful and is all about being self-worthy.

The intrinsic wake-up call comes sometimes from the inner self upon realising the selfworth, but most of the time from outside when you meet someone having the same wave length as yours.

As I land in this phase and turn back to the days when I felt neglected, I realise that ups and downs are a part of life, and one has to appreciate them. But to be honest, it is difficult to do so.

At times you also tend to experience a feeling that is between an energetic phase and one that is energy-sapping. But after you reach 30, you feel either high or low, not in-between.

These days, I am trying to build up my awareness in understanding the type of inertia I am going through. Being able to recognise the state of mental and emotional inertia is my strength. I am known to the fact that feeling low stays over a longer time, and I can't avoid feeling so.

But having reached a stage in life when you can recognise such a pointer from within, you can't put yourself in an enervated phase for long hours. That would be a form of self-punishment.

Also, I do not try to escape from the low phase, but try to prolong my energetic days because once you are in motion, you will try to be in motion.

I am not a big fan of Newton's third principle, and I don't want to give an equal and opposite reaction upon receiving any action. I simply observe, analyse and act, if necessary.

A version of this article appears in the print on December 30, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.