RAJBIRAJ/ KAVRE: At least six people have died due to mystery disease in Siraha and Kavre districts. Four persons lost their lives at Mushahar Tole in Chandraayodhya VDC of Siraha yesterday whereas two persons died at Dandapari Area of Kavre last week. Inspector Hari Khatiwada said Jibachhi Sada, 35, Taluwa Sada, 35, Garba Sada, 55 and Kaushila Sada, 36, of Siraha died at their homes. He informed that eight more afflicted were being treated at Bhumija Hospital in Golbazaar. A team of health workers reached Mushahar Tole from the sub-health post, but failed to figure out what caused the deaths. The patients complain of dizziness, vomiting and difficulty in breathing. Two persons died due to the disease in the remote VDCs of Dandapari area in Kavre some days ago. The deceased are: Thakumaya Blon, 42, of Phalametar VDC and Lal Bahadur Yonjon, 51, of Gokule VDC. Lalit Tamang, head teacher of Devisthan High School, said Blon died only two hours after showing the symptoms. “She vomited blood and died,” he said. He added Yonjon suddenly fell unconscious after complaining of headache and died. “The death of two people with similar symptoms has scared us,” said Tamang. He said similar symptoms were seen among animals. Dr Rajendra Prasad Sah, chief of district health office, said his office was unaware of the disease. “A team of health workers will be deployed to the affected areas pronto if any such disease is seen,” he said. Several cattle are also said to have died due to the mystery disease in as many as 10 VDCs of Dandapari area.