NA, PLA won’t be mobilised during CA polls: Bhattarai

Pokhara, January 28:

Senior leader of CPN-Maoist Dr Baburam Bhattarai today said there is less possibility of mobilising the Nepal Army (NA) and Maoist People’s Liberation Army during the constituent assembly election.

Speaking in a press conference in Pokhara he said the Nepal Police and the Armed Police Force would provide security for the election.

“However, the armies can be mobilised if security situation deteriorates,” he said, adding that the PLA soldiers can be mobilised for border security if necessary. Opponents of the CA election are spreading rumours against the election, but the polls can be held if the Tarai situation does not worsen because most of the demands raised by the agitating forces in the Tarai have already been met, he said.

The CA election would be held on April 10 even if the life of the poll candidates are under threat, he said.

He did not deny his candidacy for the polls from Gorkha and said the Maoists would secure the largest number of CA seats.

“We pioneered in raising voice for a CA and for declaration of a republican state order and this will be the strong means for us to win the election,” he said.

He also urged all not to be frightened over the Maoists decision to mobilise 200 party cadres as volunteers in each polling booth. The Maoist cadres will be mobilised for the security of the polling booths and they would work jointly with the nationalists, republicans and left parties rather than the royalists. He also said there is no conflict between the UML and the Maoists regarding the modality for reviving the local bodies and added attempts to revive local bodies is on.