National anthem must echo sounds of Nepal: Experts

Kathmandu, June 7:

Traditional musical instruments should be used while composing music for the national anthem, experts said at a programme today.

An anthem high on patriotic feelings will not suffice if the music does not identify with it, they said, “A Nepali cannot relate oneself to the anthem unless it echoes the sounds of Nepal. The music of madal, sarangi, murchunga and bansuri should substitute the music of guitar and drums.”

The experts were speaking at an interaction on the need of Nepali music on national anthem, organised today under the aegis of the Nepali Folk Musical Instrument Museum.

“The new national anthem should be the reflection of a new Nepal. Nothing should be missed,” said Prakash Sayami, an expert on Nepali music. “The country has over 500 folk musical instruments. Using these instruments, we can compose any kind of music.”

“We have musical instruments to identify every mood and occasion. They can be used in our national anthem,” said Nuchhe Bahadur Dangol, a senior music composer. “The use of folk musical instruments will also help preserve our cultural identity.”

“Nepali folk musical instruments are confined to museums at present,” he said, adding that the use of these instruments in the composition of the anthem will highlight their importance. This will give us an opportunity to introduce our music in the world.

Bulu Mukarung, a senior musician, said folk instruments should be used to compose all sorts of music.