National forest area encroached in Parsa

Birgunj, January 22

Encroachment of national forest in Parsa has been reported in areas abutting the woods.

According to sources, encroachment has been seen in places such as Sakhui, Jamuniya, Rambhauri and Tapadandi of Sakhuwaparasauni Rural Municipality; Kathmandautole, and Shantitole of Jirabhawani Rural Municipality; and Jhabaraha, Badhnihar, Katani and Chhatwantadi of Birgunj metropolis.

Shrewd encroachers, firstly scrape off the bark of trees, which causes the trees to waste away slowly. Once the trees dry up, they are set on fire.

“Once the trees are gone, encroachers occupy the cleared area by tilling it or putting up sheds for their cattle,” said conservationists.

Regarding encroachment, Parsa Division Forest Officer Rambabu Sah said his office was doing the needful to control it, but admitted that their efforts were not enough. “Very soon, we’re forming a committee comprising the chief district officer, superintendent of police, local political party representatives and the chiefs of local bodies.