Kathmandu, February 1 Chairman of Unified CPN-Maoist Pushpa Kamal Dahal today said national consensus government was essential for catering to the challenges posed by the crises facing the country after last year’s earthquakes and Tarai blockade. Addressing a press meet organised by the party at its headquarters in Paris Danda today, Dahal, however, clarified that he was not in the race to lead the national consensus government. He said any NC leader or UML Chairman and Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli could lead the consensus government if an agreement were forged among the major parties. Dahal claimed that the national consensus government could also be formed before the NC’s convention concludes. Asked when Tarai blockade would end, Dahal said after the parties forged consensus on reviewing the demarcation of provinces with the agitating Madhesi parties, the blockade should end. Dahal, who is also the coordinator of the High-Level Political Coordination Committee formed to make the government effective, said after the constitutional amendment supplies of essentials had eased. “I can’t say things will become normal within a certain time frame, but as soon as the parties forge agreement with agitating parties on reviewing the demarcation of provinces supplies should become normal,” he said. He said the major parties would issue an appeal to the agitating parties not to violate the political parties’ constitutional right to gather peacefully. Dahal added that Nepali leaders had not made any commitment to India but they had informed the Indian leaders that demarcation of provinces would be finalised while promulgating the new constitution, which did not happen. Dahal defended the activities of his ministers and the government, claiming that they had done their best in the trying conditions. He claimed that the ministers would show results within two months.