Nawalpur witnesses 39 graft cases in four months

KAWASOTI: As many as 39 corruption cases have been registered in Nawalpur district in the past four months.

The cases were registered in four months of the current fiscal year, shared Rabilal Pantha, Chief, Office of Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA), Butwal.

Among the registered graft cases, 19 are linked to the education sector, he shared. The complaints are related to sub-standard construction of school building, irregularities in staff recruitment, mismanagement of scholarship amount and misuse of textbook amount, Pantha added.

Likewise, 11 cases include irregularities in construction sector, sub-standard works executed through users' committee and abuse of authority by ward chairpersons in municipality and rural municipality.

Three corruption cases related to forest sector, two to water resources and irrigation, and one each related to land, physical infrastructure, home and urban development affairs were registered in Nawalpur.

Out of the registered cases, 16 were settled and 24 are still under investigation process.