NBA hopes statute will institutionalise republic

Kathmandu, December 11

The Nepal Bar Association today expressed hope that the new constitution will institutionalise the republic as well as inclusion and social justice in the country.

Issuing a 10-point declaration following its 43rd Executive Council meeting in Lalitpur today, the NBA also drew the attention of the government towards revising laws for effective implementation of the new constitution.

Stating that the ongoing blockade at border checkpoints was causing humanitarian crisis in the country, it said the trade embargo was against international law.

It also drew the attention of international community, including the United Nations, to the crisis and urged them to support Nepal in this difficult situation.

NBA also urged the government effect necessary changes in the constitution to ensure the basic rights of the people, which were guaranteed by the Interim Constitution of the 2007.

NBA has expressed its deep concern over violence and human rights violations during the ongoing Tarai protests and urged both the protesters and the government to refrain from such activities.