Kathmandu, November 10:

Amidst objections coming from some influential leaders of the Nepali Congress (NC) concerning the nomination of some central working committee (CWC) members by the party president, some 57 district party presidents today egged on Girija Prasad Koirala to take action against those opposing the nomination.

In a written suggestion, the district presidents believed mostly to be ‘yes men’ of party vice president Sushil Koirala, party CWC members Govinda Raj Joshi, Sujata Koirala and general secretary K B Gurung and others met the party president Koirala at his residence today morning, a party insider conceded. “They (disgruntled) have no right to speak against the party president’s move,” the source quoted them as saying, adding, the party president reserves the right to nominate anyone in the CWC.

It should be noted that Koirala picked up the leaders who had lost seats in the CWC by getting minimal votes, raising discontent among the party leaders and cadres. The district presidents also assured the NC chief that they would face any consequences, come what may. “It is now time for the party president to move ahead notwithstanding the hindrances,” Lalitpur district president, Chandra Maharjan told this daily. He was one among the delegates to suggest the party president to ‘sideline’ those who are defying the party line taken by the 11th general convention.

Interestingly, majority of these district presidents had earlier asked G P Koirala not to nominate any members not elected in the party central body.

“The only option is to revive the HoR,” they suggested asking Koirala to ‘take action’ against those who are going against it.

Narahari Acharya, who contested the post of party president during the 11th convention, has repeatedly emphasised the need to go for constituent assembly whereas party influential leader Sailajha Acharya has reinforced on the need of making a consensus. Assuring the district presidents to avoid being upset, Koirala said that some party leaders were trying to ‘humiliate’ him and accused some leaders of trying to make ‘groupism’ inside the party.