NC framing assembly poll strategy

Kathmandu, May 24:

The Nepali Congress (NC) has initiated homework on how the party should go about among the masses in the run-up to the elections to a Constituent Assembly. However, the final decision is expected only in the next few weeks.

The centrist outfit, which has not yet decided on parting ways with constitutional monarchy in a conclusive manner, is torn between choices like going for a republican set-up and defending and marketing ceremonial monarchy. Insiders concede that the party has very little time to decide on the strategy.

“The party is confronted with the need to come to a definite view on issues of national importance. They include constitutional monarchy and the increasing demand for a republican order,” NC central leader Baldev Sharma Majgaiya told The Himalayan Times today.

He said the need to come to a definite view has become all the more necessary since “we expect to send central leaders among the masses while the nation is fast heading towards crucial elections to a Constituent Assembly.”

“The central leaders, who will reach out to the people, will not only have to moblise the masses but will have to tell them about the position of the party on constitutional monarchy and the republican order,” Sharma said.

Yet another leader who has long been telling the party leadership to come clear on the political mission is Narahari Acharya. Acharya said, “This is the time when the party should come clear on its agenda. This is the time when the leadership must convene the Mahasamiti to decide the party’s agenda while the nation goes to Constituent Assembly elections.”