NC leader throws CA gauntlet to PM Koirala

Demands party’s stance on constituent assembly

Biratnagar, October 29 :

Central member of the Nepali Congress Mahesh Acharya has demanded the party leadership either call a Mahasamiti meeting or hold a national convention of representatives of the party from all over the country to clarify the party’s policy on constituent assembly.

Acharya told journalists here today that confusion prevails among the party workers as the party has not made public its view on the CA.

“To remove the confusion, either a Mahasamiti meeting or a national convention should be held,” Acharya said, adding that the central working committee has to decide on the proposal that will be drafted by such a gathering.

The decision of the party should be as per the sentiments of all party workers, said Acharya, adding that all party workers nationwide have to mount pressure on the party leadership to call a meeting of the Mahasamiti.

Saying that the party should go for a constituent assembly immediately after conclusion of the summit talks, Acharya stressed the need for making public the party policy, programmes and views as soon as possible. He said that the NC would not support monarchy.

“Nepali Congress has never adopted the policy of supporting the monarchy,” said Acharya, adding, “We should go ahead giving priority to the sentiments of the people for the formation of a new Nepal.”

The future of monarchy should be decided by the constituent assembly, he said.