NC, left alliance neck to neck in Udaypur 1

UDAYPUR: Vote counting is ongoing for the Udaypur district with a close competition between the parliamentary candidate of left alliance and Nepali congress in Udaypur Constituency 1.

In constituency 1, NC's parliamentary candidate  Dr. Narayan Khadka is leading the vote counting with a margin of 4 votes. Khadka has received a total of 6,211 votes while Cpn-UML's candidate Manju Kumari Chaudhary is following closely with 6,207 votes in a close competition.

Similarly, CPN-UML's provincial assembly candidate Bimal Karki is leading vote counting in Udaypur Constituency 1 (A) with 3,716 votes while his nearest contender Bidur Karki of NC garnered 3,155 votes.

Likewise, in constituency 1 (B) Himal Karki of Nepali Congress is leading provincial assembly elections with 6,183 votes while his rival Ram Bahadur Magar of CPN MC following with 5,224 votes.

Meanwhile, in Udaypur Constituency 2, Suresh Kumar  Rai of CPN MC is leading the vote counting for parliament seat with a huge margin of 2,116 votes against NC's candidate Narayan Bahadur Karki.

Rai received a total of 6291 votes while Karki  garnered 4,175 votes.

Likewise, in Udaypur constituency 2 (A),  CPN MC's Narayan Burja Magar is leading the provincial assembly election with 5,025 votes whereas, his nearest contender NC's Bhes Raj Magar received 3,121 votes.

Whereas, CPN-UML's provincial assembly candidate  Kala Ghale is in the lead in constituency 2 (B) with 7,929 votes while her nearest competitor Ram Kumar Khatri is trailing behind with 4,822 votes.