NC needs new leader, says Gurung

Phidim, December 7

Nepali Congress central leader Dhan Raj Gurung today said his party would witness an existential crisis if the party leadership doesn’t go for a huge change during the 13th general convention.

Gurung, who is also head of party’s Department of Sports, said that Nepali Congress required a new organisational structure to relieve the party from the traditional mind-set.

“There will be no point in sticking to the party, if the party activists and leaders fail to choose a competent and capable leader in the convention. Hence, to give new life and energy is the need of the hour as only that will revive the entire party,” he claimed, while speaking at a function organised by Democratic Sports Association Nepal in Phidim today.

Gurung stressed that his party had two major responsibilities at present: restructuring the party and effectively implementing the constitution. He accused the ruling CPN-UML of prolonging the present crisis by obstructing the constitution amendment bill proposed by the erstwhile NC-led government.