NC to oppose ‘undemocratic’ moves of govt

Kathmandu, July 4

The main opposition party has decided to oppose the government’s ‘undemocratic moves aimed at weakening constitutional provisions’ from the Federal Parliament, provincial assemblies, streets, mass media and social media, and through peaceful protests.

Expressing reservation over the designation of restricted areas, the Nepali Congress has stated that prohibitory orders at places, where historic protests that led to transformation of Nepal were staged, undermined the constitution.

“Gathering anywhere within Nepal to support or oppose the government’s moves and to make the people aware and organised is a fundamental right,” said NC Chief Whip Bal Krishna Khand. “We strongly demand a roll-back of the decision. If the government does not revoke its decision, we will breach the prohibitory orders,” added Khand.

Expressing solidarity with demands of Dr Govinda KC, who has been on hunger strike in Jumla since Saturday, the NC’s parliamentary party today decided to send a three-member team to check Dr KC’s health. The team, which includes members of House of Representatives Prakash Rasaili, Rangamati Shahi and provincial assembly member Din Bandhu Shrestha, will leave for Jumla tomorrow.

Dr KC has demanded that the Medical Education Ordinance Replacement Bill be tabled in the Parliament without changing the provisions in the ordinance.

NC Vice-president BimalendraNidhi alleged that instead of addressing Dr KC’s demands, the government was creating hurdles in his peaceful protest. “The government should immediately work to save his life and address his demands,” he said.

The NC has also expressed its solidarity with demands of Ganga Maya Adhikari, who has been on a fast-unto-death since May 29. She has demanded implementation of the Supreme Court’s order and impartial investigation into the murder of her son Krishna Prasad Adhikari.

Three NC lawmakers —Parvata DC Chaudhary, Amresh Kumar Singh, Dev Prasad Timilsena— today visited Bir Hospital where Adhikari has been staging protest to assess her health.

Chaudhary said Adhikari was in critical condition and that ‘anything could happen to her any time’. “The doctors told us that she was being kept alive by administering saline,” said Chaudhary, adding that the government should immediately act in line with its responsibility to protect citizens’ lives and deliver justice. The NC concluded that the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) was breaching the constitution by not vacating either the HoR speaker or the deputy speaker’s post.

“Not only in the Federal Parliament, the same is the case in provincial assemblies,” said Nidhi. “If the situation continues, we will gradually intensify the protest and make it nationwide.”

The NC also demanded that the government act immediately to curb sky-rocketing prices and fulfil its commitment to check inflation at six per cent, and work to strengthen federalism by delegating due powers  to provincial and local governments.

NC Spokesperson BishwaPrakash Sharma said the party would oppose the government’s wrong steps in an effective and organised manner, and pile pressure from all quarters.

Key concerns

The NC is against several moves of the government and the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP). These include:

  • Designating restricted areas
  • Ignoring demands of Dr Govinda KC and Ganga Maya Adhikari
  • Reluctance to vacate speaker or deputy speaker’s post in line with the constitutional provision
  • Remaining a casual bystander to sky-rocketing prices
  • Undermining the spirit of federalism reflected in the budget