NC vice-prez Paudel vows not to back off

Dang, January 18

Nepali Congress vice-president Ramchandra Paudel today vowed not to back off from contending for the party’s presidency.

“As I’m confident about my victory, nothing can deter me from running for the party’s presidency this time,” said Paudel, at a press conference organised by Nepal Press Union Dang in Ghorahi.

The Congress VP also seemed confident about support from the incumbent party president for his candidacy.

“As I had supported him (Sushilda) for his candidacy last time, I’m now confident that he will pay back the favour I had done to him by supporting me this time,” he said, also identifying himself as the most suitable candidate for the post.

“I always had that calibre to lead the party and the country too if I got the opportunity. Besides, most of the party leaders and cadres have called on me to take the reins now, which I can’t refuse,” said the Congress presidency-aspirant.

He also stressed the need for positive changes in the party to lead the country in the changed context. “As Congress has led the country in every critical juncture, a changed Congress should take the leadership of the country to institutionalise the gains achieved lately,” he argued.