NC waiting for right time to unveil poll plans: Banstola

Jhapa, June 28:

Central member of the Nepali Congress (NC) Chakra Prasad Banstola today said his party has not made public its package of policies for the CA poll yet.

“Though the NC has not made public its policies for the CA poll yet, it will do so at an appropriate time,” Banstola, who is on a visit to his home district of Jhapa, told a press conference here. The press meet was organised by the Jhapa chapter of the Press Union Nepal.

He said that he met party president Girija Prasad Koirala before leaving for Jhapa.

Stating that Koirala is committed to holding the CA polls, Banstola said that the PM was willing to hand over the party leadership to the second generation after the CA polls.

“During my meeting with him, Koirala regretted the misinterpretation of the statement that

he made on the ceremonial monarchy,” Banstola said.