NCP (NCP) plans by-election in Dolpa

Kathmandu, September 1

As part of the plan to bring Nepal Communist Party (NCP) leader Bam Dev Gautam in the Parliament, senior party leaders have reached an understanding on simultaneously announcing by-election in Dolpa and resignation of sitting lawmaker from the constituency Dhan Bahadur Budha, who is also the minister of state for culture, tourism and civil aviation.

The party plans to field Gautam, who lost parliamentary election from Bardiya, as its candidate in Dolpa after Budha’s resignation.

However, party sources claimed that Budha was in dilemma. While the party leadership is asking him to resign, party cadres and voters from the district are opposed to the idea.

Budha, who recently returned to Kathmandu after holding consultations with leaders, cadres and voters in Dolpa, will brief the party leadership on the ground-level situation and aspirations of party cadres and voters.

He headed for Dolpa after a meeting with provincial lawmakers elected from the district.

Sources said Budha received mixed suggestions, with a section of cadres and voters opining that his resignation and Gautam’s election would ensure development in the district, while others opposing the idea. Budha, however, refused to talk about the matter.

According to Karnali Province Tourism Minister Nanda Singh Budha, voters and cadres from the district have pressured Dhan Bahadur Budha not to resign.

“They are of the view that he should resign only after mid-February, if he has to do so,” he said.

Provincial lawmaker BadmiKumariBohora, however, said DhanBahadurBudha would honour the party decision.

“If the party decides his resignation, he will resign and all of us will be deployed to ensure Gautam’s victory,” she said, adding, “We are honest soldiers of the party.”

According to Bohora, they are now awaiting the decision of the party’s high command.

As per the law, Budha will continue to remain state minister for six months even after his resignation as lawmaker after which he must resign from the post of minister as well.

Sources said the senior Nepal Communist Party (NCP) leaders had made an offer to lawmaker Budha whereby he would be inducted into the National Assembly after two years.